School of Advanced Studies - Pisa
The School of Advanced Studies of Pisa has played a key role since the beginning of the Certema project. The expertises of the Biorobotic Institute personnel provided an important support for the machines selection and configuration as well as for the definition and implementation of the research & development guidelines and activities.
AMLab - A joint project between Certema and the University of Florence to promote and carry out advanced studies on the metal additive manufacturing aiming at creating knowledge and exploring the limits of the current technology
University of Roma Tre,
Engineering Department
Scientific cooperation on research themes relevant to the additive manufacturing technology and metal processing.
University of Roma Tre,
Sciences Department
Scientific cooperation to develop new procedures and sensors for the detection of the environmental pollution, pollutant and for the investigation of new materials.
CERM, Centre for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the University of Florence
Scientific cooperation in the life science area aiming at characterizing biocompatible material for medical devices to be applied in the cancer research.
ITS PRIME, School of Advanced Education in Mechanics
A strong partnership with ITS Prime makes available for the school the Certema expertise for the educational and teaching activities as well as for training on the job periods to be carried out at Certema facilities.
Is a cultural association aiming to represent the interest of Italian Additive Manufacturing Sector (producers of machines, end-users, enabling technologies suppliers, service centers, universities, research centers, etc.), helping the dialogue with public stakeholders and other industrial associations, in order to spread and develop the use of Additive Manufacturing (and the related knowledge) in manufacturing environment.

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