Thematic area 1

Equipped with state of the art instruments for the determination of industrial sites emission rates and their impact on the surrounding environment in terms of ambient air quality, the laboratory provides services for: - the characterization of the emissions of new industrial sites or modified existing sites in order to optimize their construction project;
- the design and dimensioning of the necessary emission reduction and control systems;
- the continuous tests of industrial sites, supporting the process management as SRM for QAL2 in compliance with UNI EN 14181.

Continuous monitoring of emissions of industrial sites (continuous or sample);
• Emission testing and characterization;
Test of emission reduction and control systems;
• Monitoring systems for production processes;
• Continuous monitoring of meteorological parameters and air quality parameters;
• Air particulate monitoring (PM10, 2,5, 1)

For emissions:
• Analysers CO, CO2, SO2, O2 – Horiba VA3111, VS3001, VA 3003, VS 3003;
• Analyser FTIR CO, CO2, SO2, O2, HCl, HF, H 2O, NH3, NO, NO2, N2O;
• Continuous emission sampler, DECS, dioxins and furans;
• Micro Gas Chromatograph, linear and branched hydrocarbons analysis C6+ e BTX;
• Gas sampling and transportation system.

For air quality:
• Analysers NO, NOx, TOC – Horiba VA 3002, VS 3002;
• Total Organic Carbon, TOC - Ratfish RS55-T;
• Continuous analysers for O3, CO, SO2, NOx – Horiba APOA-370, APSA370, APNA-370;
• Particulate – Horiba APMA-371;
• Weather station, wind speed and direction, rain, humidity, temperature, pressure, net solar radiation and total solar irradiance.

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