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CERTEMA, the open-access Multidisciplinary Technological Laboratory in the province of Grosseto, is a technological service system located in Maremma, in the town of Cinigiano, between Grosseto and Siena, thanks to the commitment of a consortium of six companies and with the support and the contribution of Regione Toscana and the Province of Grosseto. CERTEMA is a private business idea that gathers various complementary industry sectors (precision mechanics, mechanical engineering, laser sintering (additive manufacturing), automation, measurement and analysis) into a unique structure. capable of designing, developing and carrying out complete projects with no need to turn to different partners for each project phase or development area. Thanks to this ability to gather various processes into one plant, CERTEMA is a unique and flexible technological service system in central Italy. The aim of CERTEMA is to allow and promote the development of high tech and innovative projects and skills that enhance competitiveness and innovation capability of existing SMEs in the medium and long term and that support the creation of new companies. Moreover, CERTEMA aims at beeing the reference point for the connection and technological transferring between universities and research institutes on the one hand and SMEs and education on the other, by means of collaboration and training programs with the local institutes.

  • Laboratory and systems for continuous environmental and process analysis
  • Laboratory for thermal tests, opto-electronic prototyping and study of human-machine interface (hmi) systems
  • Laboratory of applied mechanics and mechanical engineering
  • Laboratory of advanced mechanical technology
  • Laboratory of scanning electron microscopy and ultra/high resolution microanalysis
    Four companies with a long experience and more than 250 qualified employers (college and high school graduates) support the laboratory activities through their technical skills and their business concept. A business attitude that will convey innovation to the applications that fulfil current or potential needs of the market, thus assuring a quick return on investments in term of opening of new markets, new businesses or just of increase of the currently available ones. The consortium is composed by:

    Tosti srl, located in Castel del Piano.,for over 30 years has produced mechanical parts made of composite materials, glass fibre based materials, electrical and thermal insulators, plastics, phenolic resin and aluminium laminates for mechanical engineering, railway engineering, automotive and energy industry.

    Roggi srl, located in Borgo Santa Rita, is specialized in the processing of sheet metal and ferrous materials. It is the supplier of the main companies in the industry of earthmoving machines, construction machines, agricultural machinery and structures for prefabricated buildings. It develops and carries out industrial projects with machine prototype experimentation.

    OAG Industries, located in Grosseto, is specialized in the design, construction and maintenance of electric power plants (electrical generators, cogenerators and mobile electrical units), engine pumps and light towers in addition to electronic logic gates for control panels.

    Datapos srl, consultancy and IT programming company in Florence, creates specific software for business process reengineering and business IT re-qualification in compliance with the principles of BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) and BI Business Intelligence).

    The structure is composed of:
  • 1,500 m2 operational area, divided into 5 thematic areas;
  • a 500 m2 staff area with offices and training rooms.
    Within the scope of its activity the Multidisciplinary Technological Laboratory CERTEMA aims to:
  • Collect the local SMEs’ needs for lab analysis, tests, final testing and studies on new technologies by means of guidance and assistance service for studies and analysis that require research institutes or universities.
  • Carry out the technological transfer of results of research activities performed both on site and in partnership with research institutes and SMEs in Italy and abroad.
  • Carry out research or scientific data acquisition on the basis of laboratory tests and final testing directly on behalf of SMEs or of the public sector.
  • Take part in larger projects with the involvement of research bodies and institutes at regional and/or national or European level.
  • Manage and coordinate collaboration between SMEs and research bodies or companies beyond national borders;
  • By mapping and working in synergy with the innovative companies, develop the most promising research areas which are most likely to affect positively the economic system in those areas.
  • Maintain relationships with the main universities in Tuscany in order to promote the participation of local SMEs in research projects.
  • Carry out networking activities with innovation poles of Tuscany in order to share sources and specific skills of each centre;
  • Carry out networking activities with national and international laboratories to integrate and optimize analysis and development processes;
  • Become a connection centre between universities at various stages and the world of work by means of making available the expertise, the laboratories and the “business space” to:
  • - provide training courses (formal, informal and applied testing courses) to young researchers, in order to reduce the brain drain;
    - collect the training needs of the local industrial network, to translate them into dedicated training programs to be performed at Certema premises aiming at improving the labourer skills on specific themes thus enhancing the competitiveness level of the network with a “just in time” TT&T service.

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